W H O L E S A L E   I N F O R M A T I O N

In order to keep my line accessible to other small businesses, I don't have a minimum design order. 
O R D E R   D E T A I L S
Wholesale price: $2.50 CAD per card for my original line
                              $3.00 CAD per card for my LUX watercolour line 
Minimum order per design: 1
Opening orders: $100 Minimum (40 cards)
Reorder: $75
Suggested retail price: $5-$6.95
Affirmation sets have a 4 set minimum per design. 
The larger sets (2.75x4 inch cards/18 per set/RUMI/Inner Strength/Large Plant)
Wholesale: $9 each 
Suggested Retail Price: $18
Smaller sets
SuperHero (2.75x4 inch cards/15 per set)
Wholesale:  $8.50 each
Suggested Retail Price: $16
Mini Plant Set
18 cards/business card size
Wholesale: $7
Suggested Retail Price: $14
Birth Affirmations
12 cards/business card size
Wholesale: $6
Suggested Retail Price: $12
12 Days of Christmas Advent Set
12 cards/2.75x4 inch cards
Wholesale: $6
Suggested Retail Price: $12
All minimum orders will be shipped with a free display set for your customers to touch and read.
Please contact me prior to placing a wholesale order at hello@hairbrainedschemesdesign.com
You will need a code to access wholesale pricing.
L O C A L   C U S T O M E R S
I can also offer local customers a trade-back for occasion cards, for example, Mother's Day, so you aren't stuck with cards that won't be relevant until the following year. Contact me for more information. 
All order payments are required prior to shipping, either through cheque, PayPal,  or email transfer.
Returned cheques are subject to $20 fee. Orders paid by cheque will only be processed once cheque is cleared.
Orders ship approximately 10 days from order date. We strive to get orders out as fast as we can and do our best to complete orders sooner than 10 days. All orders ship via Canada Post unless other arrangements are made. Please contact us if you would like to request special shipping terms or times, or if you have a UPS/FedEx account number you would like us to use. We can also provide free hand delivery to local stockists.
Free shipping on orders over $200.
We ask that all changes to your order be submitted by email to hello@hairbrainedschemesdesign.com within 24 hours of placing the order. Any returns to your order or cancellations not reported within 24 hours will be issued up to a 20% restocking fee per item. Restocking fees will be deducted from the adjusted order total. Returns or exchanges must be postmarked within 5 days of notifying us by email. All merchandise must be returned unopened and in its original packaging. We will not accept returned products that have already been marked or labelled.
Please contact me at hello@hairbrainedschemesdesign.com if I can help you with anything!